About Us

Founded over a decade ago, Mimic: A Print Republic is the embodiment of creative vision meeting exceptional execution. Our goal is to strive to bring you the best possible service in a way that makes your job easier and saves you money. We're aware of the increasing demands of conducting business in today's environment, and we have been continually working hard to improve and adapt to meet your changing needs.

How do we do this?
We help you make impressive impressions in the real world through our print services and on the digital world through our marketing services.

Mimic's brand philosophy is carried out by treating its vendors the same way that clients are treated. We know this business formula creates our diverse customer base. Mimic is a technology leader housing a proprietary and proven online ordering system that is designed to let customers print only what they need, when they need it. This helps optimize the supply chain and reduces costs associated with marketing materials and documentation.

At Mimic we are innovation, integrity, integrated thinking, and influence.

Imprint your influence on the world with Mimic.

Mimic was founded and built on one key core value. To provide brand consistency from the start of a client project to the end. We deliver on this consistently because we value our team and all the people that stream through our doors. From clients to vendors, suppliers to couriers and our own team we treat everyone with a consistent quality of care and respect they have come to expect from the Mimic brand.

Building on our 12-year success we have refreshed our brand and with it we are honouring the strengths of what we offer as a collective: Managing the impressions you make on the world, in print in the real world, and virtually in the digital world.

We are in for the ride of a lifetime and I personally invite you to come along. Drop in and see us at Mimic, you'll love our energy and the innovative colourful things we are doing to make our own impression on the world!

Laura Ambrozic, Founder & President
MIMIC: A Print Republic